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Cane Tray
Cane Tray Sale priceFrom $30.00
Round Marble TrayRound Marble Tray
Round Marble Tray Sale price$59.00
Handmade Stoneware Basket SmallHandmade Stoneware Basket Small
Handmade Stoneware Basket MediumHandmade Stoneware Basket Medium
Black Paulownia Wood Curved Tray
Black Mango Wood BowlBlack Mango Wood Bowl
Black Mango Wood Bowl Sale price$59.00
Black Marble Waterfall TrayBlack Marble Waterfall Tray
Paulownia Wood Hand Carved TrayPaulownia Wood Hand Carved Tray
Small Organic BowlSmall Organic Bowl
Small Organic Bowl Sale price$14.00
Black Stoneware Mini Bowl
White Dough Bowl
White Dough Bowl Sale price$72.00
Natural Yucca BowlNatural Yucca Bowl
Natural Yucca Bowl Sale price$57.00
Paulownia Wood Serving BowlPaulownia Wood Serving Bowl
Wood Canyon BowlWood Canyon Bowl
Wood Canyon Bowl Sale price$76.00
Black Paper Mache Bowl
Black Paper Mache Bowl Sale price$13.00
Decorative Paulownia Wood Plateau
Black Square Acacia Tray
Black Square Acacia Tray Sale price$45.00
Saucer Plant Stand
Saucer Plant Stand Sale price$35.00
Mango Wood Footed Black BowlMango Wood Footed Black Bowl
Central Bowl
Central Bowl Sale price$52.00
Hand Woven Bankuang Wicker Tray
Neutral Debossed Stoneware Bowl
Paper Mache Bowl
Paper Mache Bowl Sale priceFrom $49.00
Wood Slice Tray with Handles
Round Paper Mache Tray
Round Paper Mache Tray Sale priceFrom $30.00
Ari Saucer
Ari Saucer Sale price$38.00
Marble + Acacia Wood BowlMarble + Acacia Wood Bowl
Marble + Acacia Wood Bowl Sale price$30.00
Galloway Textured Terracotta BowlGalloway Textured Terracotta Bowl
Hand-Woven Bankuan Tray with Handles
Hand Woven Seagrass Tray
Hand Woven Seagrass Tray Sale price$88.00
Hand Woven Rattan Tray with CoverHand Woven Rattan Tray with Cover
Hand Woven Rattan Tray with Cover Sale priceFrom $107.00
Handmade Terra-Cotta Bowl with Handle
20” Flat Mango Wood Handled Bowl
Braided Bankuan Handled Tray
Paulownia Wood Footed Tray
Triple Wood Bowl Tray
Triple Wood Bowl Tray Sale price$67.00
Light Wash Round Serving Tray
White Paper Mache Bowl
White Paper Mache Bowl Sale price$13.00
Oval Marble Tray
Oval Marble Tray Sale price$41.00
Stoneware Pet Bowl
Stoneware Pet Bowl Sale priceFrom $17.00
Textured Sandstone Bowl
Textured Sandstone Bowl Sale price$54.00
Dark Mango Wood Bowl with Handles
Hand Woven Water Hyacinth Bowl
White Marble Lazy SusanWhite Marble Lazy Susan
White Marble Lazy Susan Sale price$60.00
Natural Paulownia Mini BowlNatural Paulownia Mini Bowl
Black Wash Medium Paulownia BowlBlack Wash Medium Paulownia Bowl
Black Paulownia Wood Mini Bowl
Natural Paulownia Handle Tray