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Lilo Paper Mache Vase
Lilo Paper Mache Vase Sale price$71.00
Footed Paper Mache Bowl
Footed Paper Mache Bowl Sale price$36.00
Pigram Vase
Pigram Vase Sale price$36.00
Mila Ceramic Vase
Mila Ceramic Vase Sale price$27.00
Paper Mache Handled Vase
Paper Mache Handled Vase Sale price$27.00
Sito Terracotta Vase
Sito Terracotta Vase Sale price$60.00
Celia Ceramic Vase
Celia Ceramic Vase Sale price$105.00
Matte White Irregular Vase- Large
Oversized Terracotta Planter
Textured Alabaster Vase
Textured Alabaster Vase Sale price$65.00
Sold outTwisted Handle Vase
Twisted Handle Vase Sale price$46.00
Eulla Vase
Eulla Vase Sale price$87.00
Caris Planter
Caris Planter Sale price$30.00
Alma Large Glass Urn
Alma Large Glass Urn Sale price$21.00
Amalie Fluted Vase + Brass Rim
Amalie Fluted Vase + Brass Rim Sale priceFrom $24.00
Lacen Short Fluted Vase + Brass Rim
Stoneware Vase + Asymmetrical Handles
Hammered Glass Vase
Hammered Glass Vase Sale price$52.00
Stoneware Planter
Stoneware Planter Sale price$45.00
Sand Finish Stoneware Vase
Terracotta Urn
Terracotta Urn Sale price$159.00
Sand Finish  Terra-cotta Sculptural Vase
Sand Finish Stoneware Ruffled Planter
Blown Glass Vase
Blown Glass Vase Sale price$36.00
Glass Vase +  Woven Sleeve
Glass Vase + Woven Sleeve Sale price$59.00
Found Decorative Clay Jar
Found Decorative Clay Jar Sale price$93.00
Medium White Paper Mache Vase
Large Natural Paper Mache Vase
Tall Double Handle Vase
Tall Double Handle Vase Sale price$30.00
Sold outTwo Handle Pot
Two Handle Pot Sale price$24.00
Taupe Terracotta Small Vase
Taupe Terracotta Vase
Taupe Terracotta Vase Sale price$39.00
Sold outSand Kettle Planter
Sand Kettle Planter Sale price$24.00
White Matte Bud Vase
White Matte Bud Vase Sale price$39.00
Wabisabi Glass Container
Wabisabi Glass Container Sale price$58.00
Matte White Bottle Vase
Matte White Bottle Vase Sale price$46.00
Matte White Jar Vase
Matte White Jar Vase Sale price$39.00
Concrete Classic PotConcrete Classic Pot
Concrete Classic Pot Sale priceFrom $9.00
Sand Finish Stoneware Vase + HandlesSand Finish Stoneware Vase + Handles
Dark Brown Paulownia Wood Planter
Dark Brown Paulownia Wood Planter Sale priceFrom $25.00
Osnaburg Textured Terracotta VaseOsnaburg Textured Terracotta Vase
Kennedy Cream Plant Stand + Handles
Valeria Vase
Valeria Vase Sale priceFrom $26.00
Remy Handled Planter
Remy Handled Planter Sale price$8.00
Matte Black Round Vase
Matte Black Round Vase Sale priceFrom $11.00
Sold outTerra-Cotta Crock with Handles
Save $13.00Cream Pot with Handles
Cream Pot with Handles Sale price$14.00 Regular price$27.00