$57.00 USD


We're partnering up with Ignite By LAZE for the ultimate girls night! 

IGNITE BY LAZE offers clients a custom welded permanent jewelry experience. Whether you're gifting this to a partner, celebrating with a bridal party, having a mother/daughter outing or wanting to upgrade your BFF bracelets, IGNITE BY LAZE is the perfect option for a unique and memorable memento that lasts a lifetime!

These custom welded chains are 14K gold filled. This process involves two sheets of solid karat gold being bonded over a brass core. This makes for an extremely durable product that can indeed last a lifetime.

Ignite has 4 different chain options that we will be offering the night of the event! At checkout make sure that you are selecting the chain you'd like to purchase (the chain you purchase is the chain that Emily + Marci will be installing on you while you sip on your bubbly!) As always we are supplying the bubbly and some decadent deserts! All purchases made the night of the event are 20% off.

If you're just wanting to join your bestie but not get a bracelet that's okay too- there's an option at checkout for entry without a bracelet purchase! 

This is a private event. Tickets are required for entry and are not sold at the door. 


When: October 12, 2022 from 6pm-9pm 

Where: 392 Main St Exeter ON

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